Open Ended

Ep36-mainEp36-sub1              Top: Aryn KSimilar here  |  Pants: Flying Monkey  |  Heels: Shoe Republic LA, Lulu’s                      Clutch: Katherine Kwei

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just don’t know how your day is going to go.  You can plan and schedule to your hearts content but you better be prepared if the unexpected bursts through your door and blindsides you.  So when you’re picking out what to wear be prepared for anything!  To start, I love the structure of a geometric pattern and the simple balance of black and white.  This short sleeved top is draping, light, and easy to move in if your day proves a bit more physical than originally intended, but the high low cut is slimming and hides all your flaws.  Best of all is the flirtatious open back in complete contrast to it’s otherwise conservative nature. Paired with slim black zippered slacks and and these amazing white buckled sandals.  The heel is relatively low, the style demure, but the oversize buckled straps just scream for attention.  Finally, a punch of color comes in this small, structured, brilliant rose clutch.  Balance, in fashion and life, is everything.  No matter how hard it is to keep your own!