Graceful and Grateful

Ep40-main1 Ep40-main2         Blouse: Modcloth  |  Skirt: Mink Pink  |  Purse: Katherine Kwei – Similar here                    Sandals: Wild Diva Lounge  |  Earrings: Lulu’s  – Similar here

I can be one lucky girl.  When fate smiles on you and everything works out in your favor, it’s easy to feel calm, sweet and appreciative of the everyday.  So of course my eye was drawn to this pale pink, chiffon blouse with a cascade of ruffled sleeves.  Innocent and with a natural flow, wearing it makes it seem like life could always be this simple and elegant.  But since I’m not a little girl anymore a top this pure needs something bold and busy to balance it out.  So I wear it with a distinctive black and white, high low skirt, with a southwest print as complicated as my feelings always are.   After that it’s the usual back and forth, deciding who you want to be that day.  A pair of charming, white, vegan leather sandals with delicate lacy cutouts to match the top.  Then a brash and bright metallic tote to support the assertiveness of the skirt.  Finally, a compromise finds it’s way with my jewelry.  Detailed chandelier earrings that are too big to be ignored, but made up of pale stones in pink, cream and yellow to soften the effect.  Even when my feelings are strong, I’m always a complex woman with more sides than my wardrobe can handle!