Feeling Blue

Ep36_main1Ep36_sub1Dress: Lulu’s  |  Necklace: Love, Kate  |  Clutch: Lulu’s  |  Flats: ModCloth

Sometimes people are feeling fragile.  Modesty, humility, and embarrassment is what helps balance out our pride and determination and makes us kinder and more empathetic.  Harriet is nothing but kindness and good intentions, and feeling sad for other people even if it can’t be helped, is what makes Harriet so worthy of admiration.  That sensitivity and delicacy of feeling is plain to see in this pale blue, full skirted, skater dress in a soft yet flexible knit with sturdy padded shoulders and a plunging V neck worn over a simple white Tee.  She decorates it with a delicate charm pendent with her initial for the personal touch, and a small, vegan leather bag in a peachy pink that matches the blush on her cheeks.  Last, a touch of bold with these royal blue wedges.  Because even if most of your feelings are up in the air, you have to stay steady, with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Stay strong Harriet!  I believe in you.