Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Ep35-main1Ep35-main3             Blouse: RVCA  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Jacket: McGinnSimilar here           Shoes: Seychelles, ModCloth  |  Bag: Lulu’sSimilar here

Sometimes you want to look your best but make absolutely sure no one knows you’re trying.  Girls do this all the time, especially if they are trying to one up other girls.  You can wear makeup that gives the impression of naturally perfect skin or spend hours getting your hair to appear as though you just rolled out of bed looking that good.  This can also apply to your wardrobe.  For instance, a mostly white, mostly simple outfit that has the added advantage of keeping you cool on a warm afternoon.  Start with beautifully cut basics like this white, almost sheer button up, a pair of slim white jeans, and pale pink flats decorated with a pattern of small cutouts.  Add to that a large, roomy yet structured handbag and one piece with a bit more punch and personality.  I choose a bright pink, tweed jacket with a zippered front and elastic cuffs.  As casual as a sweatshirt, but perfect for the office.  Just right when you want to look immaculate without breaking a sweat.