Deceptively Simple

Ep34_main1Ep34-subTop: Lulu’s  |  Skirt: Lulu’s  |  Shoes: Seychelles  |  Bag: Lulu’s  |  Ring: Obey

Sometimes being successful in business calls for subtlety.  A casual lunch can be the perfect time to pitch a new idea, and a cocktail party is an opportunity to network with executives you would never meet otherwise.  So when it comes to helping someone without letting them know you’re doing it,  make sure your ensemble is simple and approachable.  I try to limit myself to one bold piece, like this lively peach and navy blouse.  Then, to tone it down, I match it with a soft white envelope skirt, pale pink leather flats with a delicate ankle strap, and a mint green, briefcase inspired handbag.  This look is refreshingly relaxed and looks can be deceiving!

P.S. The only sign of what I’m really thinking is my ring.  It’s shaped like a tiger which is my way of saying that I may look sweet, but inside I’m always fierce.  Especially when it comes to getting the job done.