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Willing and Able

IMG_7312IMG_7302Dress: McGinn – Similar here  |  Purse: Lulu’s  |  Heels: Similar here

So… where to start? This is Caroline Lee.  She’s a friend of an old business associate of sorts.  Today she came in to discuss the possibility of having us, if we’re available, help her plan an event and while she was here she expressed admiration for my fashion blog.  Turns out she’s a fan.  She stumbled upon us while I was having my picture taken and showed such enthusiasm I couldn’t help but ask her to pose.  I do have to admit I love her fashion sense.  I think her boldness and confidence is evident in this form fitting, burgundy, cap sleeve dress.  She sets it off with effortlessly tasteful accessories such as this small , snakeskin textured, ivory purse and towering white pumps.  The final result is forthright and demands you stop whatever you are doing.  From what I can tell so far, the clothes are just the tip of the iceberg.


Surprisingly Comfortable

IMG_7315IMG_7318Top: DEX - Similar here  |  Jeans: Flying Monkey  |  Clutch: Lulu’s  |  Earrings: ModCloth   Booties: Report

Okay, yes, after a long week of hard work it’s tempting to take a break from everything, including your wardrobe.  And sure, the odds of running into someone who you want to impress are pretty slim.  But it does happen, so if you are going to go for comfortable and low key, make sure you still look your best.  A loose, plaid button down has an air of femininity when it includes purples and pinks in its design, and is worn over the contrast of tight, form fitting blue jeans.  Accessories are always where I take it up a notch, but make sure they still blend with the rest of your look.  Like these thick heeled, tan leather, peep toe booties covered in angled slash marks which have a chic yet tough appeal. This envelope clutch in mint is covered in tiny gold studs, both feminine and edgy.  And for a little bit of sweetness, these small, pink, stud earrings.  Look close enough and you’ll see that one side is an X the other an O.  Just a little bit of love and comfort  to carry around with you because you never know when you might need it.

Career Advice: Finding and Working with Mentors

Close up view of two women shaking hands outdoorsOne of the things I really love about my work is seeing people succeed. No matter what stage of career you’re at, a mentor is something everyone can use when trying to take that next leap in potential. If you’re just starting out, a little guidance can help set you in the right direction and smooth the path to success. If you are further along in your career, a mentor can help you navigate the more complex choices that come up when you find yourself responsible not just for your own future, but for those of your employees and your company as a whole. Here are a few things to think about when finding a mentor.

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One Step at a Time

IMG_7245IMG_7259             Blazer: Aryn K - Similar here  |  Top: ModCloth – Similar here  |  Skirt: ModCloth                       Bag: Melie Bianco  |  Flats: ModCloth

Step 1 – Get an entry level job at a company you respect, hopefully working for someone you admire.
Step 2 – Decide what to wear. Start with a simple, loose and breezy, cream colored blouse with a delicate mesh neckline. It’s easy to wear, goes with everything, and gives the impression you can handle life with a carefree attitude.
Step 3 – Add a serous side by topping it with a straight cut, dark blue blazer that is professional and slimming.
Step 4 – Lighten things up with an adorable short skirt, complete with pockets, covered in bunches of tiny, colorful flowers. It speaks of youth, freshness, and new endeavors just beginning.
Step 5 – Pair with matching flats, because you’ll be doing plenty of running around while you prove yourself! These rose pink, faux leather moccasins are covered in a pattern of tiny cutouts and have whimsical, hanging tassels to add to the fun.
Step 6 – Be prepared to handle a large workload with a sturdy, briefcase inspired, vegan leather handbag. The warm caramel color trimmed in black matches adds to any ensemble and is practical as well as impressive in the workplace.
Step 7 – Get a promotion.

(There may have been a bit more between steps 6 and 7, but hey, who’s counting?)

Graceful and Grateful

Ep40-main1 Ep40-main2         Blouse: Modcloth  |  Skirt: Mink Pink  |  Purse: Katherine Kwei - Similar here                    Sandals: Wild Diva Lounge  |  Earrings: Lulu’s  – Similar here

I can be one lucky girl.  When fate smiles on you and everything works out in your favor, it’s easy to feel calm, sweet and appreciative of the everyday.  So of course my eye was drawn to this pale pink, chiffon blouse with a cascade of ruffled sleeves.  Innocent and with a natural flow, wearing it makes it seem like life could always be this simple and elegant.  But since I’m not a little girl anymore a top this pure needs something bold and busy to balance it out.  So I wear it with a distinctive black and white, high low skirt, with a southwest print as complicated as my feelings always are.   After that it’s the usual back and forth, deciding who you want to be that day.  A pair of charming, white, vegan leather sandals with delicate lacy cutouts to match the top.  Then a brash and bright metallic tote to support the assertiveness of the skirt.  Finally, a compromise finds it’s way with my jewelry.  Detailed chandelier earrings that are too big to be ignored, but made up of pale stones in pink, cream and yellow to soften the effect.  Even when my feelings are strong, I’m always a complex woman with more sides than my wardrobe can handle!


Life Advice: Unexpected Happy Endings

Monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis

You have goals, ambitions, and dreams. That’s something that is definitely Emma Approved! But there is a difference between believing in a path and actually walking the path, and you’re never exactly the same person you used to be after the journey. Every experience changes you in the best way possible, making you a wiser, more layered, stronger individual.  And just like that dress you used to love in high school that you would never wear now, your old plans may no longer fit you.  You’re just hanging on because you see yourself a certain way and have a hard time letting go.  So here are a few tips on how to put the past behind you and leave yourself open to all the possibilities of the future.

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Ep39-main3Ep39-main2Dress: Lulu’s – Similar here  |  Shoes: Report  |  Clutch: Katherine Kwei – Similar here

Some days you want to shake things up, break your routine, and take some chances.  You don’t have to have a reason, a restless feeling is reason enough!  I woke up in just such a mood this morning and decided to wear something I’ve never even considered wearing to the office before.  The daring combination of a short wrap skirt and a plunging pleated neckline all in one with this stretchy, fitted, sage green dress, the ultimate attention getter.  The clever wrap design gives the skirt more room to move in and the pleated sides help keep the V neck firmly in it’s place.  Paired with a small, silver clutch decorated with an intricate knot of fringe to add some flair and vegan leather, caged sandals in black to make the whole look more daytime appropriate.  You just know when you leave the house wearing this combo that your day will be anything but ordinary!