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Ask Knightley: Relationship Advice

heart tree carving

A lot of you asked questions about relationships, which I suppose makes sense since it’s a large part of what Emma does.  I can also see why it might be helpful to have a guy’s point of view once in a while.  But please keep in mind that these opinions are just my own.  I don’t represent all men everywhere or the Emma Approved mission statement.  This is just one ordinary guy’s point of view.  Here goes.

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When I said that I would answer questions about cooking, I didn’t realize that so many of you would take me up on it. I’ve enlisted my friend Annie, who’s an amazing chef and lifestyle expert, to help me out with a few of your questions, including actually writing out the recipes for some of my ideas. I’m a decent cook, but she’s a bit more knowledgeable and creative in the kitchen than I am.

Alexis in the kitchenAnnie showing off her mad culinary skills.

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Ask Knightley: Career Advice

Career-Goals Image from Getting Hired

Thanks to everyone for responding to my request for questions. Good to know Emma (and the business) has an engaged, active readership. Several of you asked about topics that pertain to college and careers, so I thought I’d start with that. Here we go… Continue reading

2014: A New Day…or Should I Say Knight(ley)?


Welcome back everyone.
Hope your holiday celebrations were a blast.

It’s a new year, so we’ve got some new things happening on the blog. Emma is taking a break for personal reasons, so I’ll be filling in.

I’m new to this blogging thing – I’m usually more of a behind-the-scenes kinda guy – but I thought maybe it would be helpful to our readers to offer a different point of view on “upgrading your life.” Even though Emma thinks all I do is fill out spreadsheets and that I’m not of any use in the advice-giving department, I think that some of you might enjoy hearing about doing things in an organized, methodical fashion when you want to attain a goal.

So send me your questions either by posting on the comments or contacting me via twitter @AlexKnightleyEA. You can ask me about all the topics we cover on our site – relationships, professional life, cooking. Just not fashion. I don’t think any of you want me advising you on that.