Holiday Gift Guide: Good intentions

The Perfect Gift

The holidays are a time when you can take your passion and determination to upgrade your own life, and spread it to everyone else you care about. Finding just the right gift not only lets someone know how important they are to you, but provides an opportunity to add some style and boldness to their lives. Plus, it’s one of the few times a year when we get to shop to our heart’s content with the excuse that everything we buy is intended to bring a smile to the people we love. Here are some suggestions for every type of person on your holiday list.

For the book lover

AliceWonderland Image from KleverCase

eReaders are logical.  They save space, time, and money, yet there are many book lovers who just can’t warm up to one.  Keep them from missing out on online-only editions with an old fashioned leather cover, a cover depicting their favorite novel, or a personalized design to help make e-books feel more like the printed books they are used to.

For the music lover

Rebecca Minkoff Headphones Image from Rebecca Minkoff

Bigger headphones are all the rage, both for their comfort and sound quality, but once something is that noticeable it’s no longer a piece of technology – it’s now an accessory.  So remember to stay stylish by choosing headphones with feminine accents or decorative flair.

For the media lover

chromecastImage from Google

Whether it’s people or technology, communication is key.  We watch movies, TV, web series, and stream original content over our televisions, phones, computers and tablets.  With the new Google Chromecast you can hook up all your devices to play on a smart TV, and it’s small enough to carry in your pocket if you want to bring it to a friend’s house or use it at a hotel.  Chromecast brings everything together, which is just what the holidays are all about.

The wave of the future

Generic_Note3Black_LimeGalaxyGear_Lockup_6                                                      Image from Samsung 

First came the smartphone, then bluetooth, and now the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Paired with a phone or tablet it can tell the time, take pictures and Instagram-length videos, unlock your devices, find your devices, tell you when you get a message or have an appointment, make calls, be a remote for your music, and run apps including a fitness reader.  All without pulling out your phone or putting in an earpiece! Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors.  Fashion meets function, with a slick design.

Blast from the past

Image from ChipChick 

The holidays are often a time of reflection and nostalgia, and the spirit of looking back brings us to vintage inspired gifts.  Turntables, typewriters and classic handheld video games are just a few of the choices available. The best options mix the old and the new, like this retro tape recorder that is actually a functioning speaker for your iPhone.  Offering a classic look but a modern sound, it’s perfect for feeling like a kid again while appreciating the person you’ve become.

For the sophisticated man

cufflinks       Image from Brookstone 

Stylish, smooth and covertly practical, a gift worthy of James Bond.  Silver or gold elegant cufflinks that are actually secret USB drives. You can also upgrade to the ultimate pairing, a set of cufflinks with one USB drive and one Wi-Fi hot spot, for the ambitious man on the go.

For the connected fashionista

Ava_BandolierImage from Bandolier

As our phones get bigger, it becomes difficult to find cute clutches or small evening bags to hold them.  Even if you do, the fit can be so tight that digging them out all night gets frustrating. Instead of trying to find a handbag big enough to hold your phone, try turning your phone into a piece of wearable technology with the Bandolier hands-free crossbody.  Small, practical, and made from high end materials, it keeps your device readily available and holds all the essentials like credit cards, ID and cash.  Perfect for day or night.

For the beauty guru

discovery boxImage from You Beauty Discovery

Instead of the usual gift basket or sampler bag, make the holidays special with this countdown YOU beauty product advent calendar.  24 days worth of surprise high end skincare products for the fashionable friends on your list, just in time to look their best for the new year.

For the shoe enthusiast

milk & honey
Image from Milk & Honey

Every woman knows how hard it is to find that ideal pair of shoes.  A gift card for Milk and Honey, where you can design your own, down to the smallest detail, gives a friend or relative the chance to create exactly what they want.  Or for the men in your life, a custom pair of hand painted converse from punk your chucks. Both companies cater to the rich and famous, but are affordable for everyone, and together they make the perfect pair.

For a good morning

rose_tea_potImage from Abc Home 

Practical and elegant, made from heat resistant glass and inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies, this tea pot in rose with a built in strainer is the perfect gift for any tea lover.

For a good night

sound_asleep_pillowImage from Firebox

This clever pillow with built in speakers that can’t be felt will plug into any music playing device of your choice.  Set it to your favorite sounds and it will sooth you to sleep while going unheard by anyone else in the room.  Perfect for the overworked insomniac in your life.

Stocking stuffers

tripod                    Image from Amazon

Need a quick gift to fit into a small space?  An affordable zoom lens and tripod kit for the amateur movie maker who loves to shoot video on his or her phones arrives in the stocking just in time to capture holiday celebrations on camera.  For the gadget-obsessed who lives in a frosty climate, a pair of touchscreen gloves that allows one to use his or her devices in the cold without exposing the hands to the harsh winter winds is the perfect seasonal accessory.

However you celebrate, just remember the most important gift is letting your loved ones know how important they are to you. Keep that in mind and finding the perfect present will be a breeze.  Have fun, happy hunting and happy holidays!