Style Quiz: What’s Your Fashion Personality?

the-nifty-cupcake Photo from The Nifty Cupcake 

Personal style is about more than fashion and accessories, it’s also about knowing yourself. Maybe you already know who you are, but can’t figure out how to translate that to what you wear.  There are plenty of articles about dressing for your body type, age, or coloring. Definitely check them out. This is about letting others see you the way you see yourself. Clothes are often an expression of our spirit and character.  So what does your style say about you?  Discover your fashion personality with this short quiz.


1.  Which fashion era suits your personality?

A)  Nostalgia.  Depending on your age, you like fashion that associates you with your childhood, like the style of your older sister or mom.  The 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.

B)  Olden days.  The 1920’s through the early 1960’s.  Your main source of inspiration comes from old movies, classic style icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, or popular set dramas like Mad Men.

C)  Really, really olden days.  Victorian England, Regency England, and Renaissance Europe.  Your main source of inspiration comes from paintings, historical novels, and BBC miniseries.

2.  When you daydream about that special someone, what do you imagine doing together?

A)  Adventure, travel, and events.  Activities like concerts, camping, and dancing the night away.  You imagine the two of you joining forces, going out into the world, and living life to the fullest.

B)  Quiet candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, or cozy nights in with a good movie.  Lots of conversation and lots of staring into each others eyes.

C)  Instead of picturing some imaginary world where you do things you’ve never done before, you imagine how much better your life would be with this person in it . Bringing them as your date to family holidays or office parties.  Enjoying their company when grocery shopping, cooking dinner, or watching a TV show before bed.  Your life just the way it is, only better.

3.  What is your dream job?  I’m not asking for specifics, only a sense of how you want to spend your days.

A)  Peaceful and relaxed.  Whether it be at a spa, bookstore, or resort hotel in an exotic destination, your customers are determined to be in a good mood and have a great time.

B)  Lights, noise, crowds and anticipation.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing because it’s the buzz and rush you’re addicted to.  Whether you’re backstage before a big show, in the kitchen preparing an important meal, or at a packed event managing a full staff, you’re drawn to places and people that make you feel alive.

C)  Dignified, serious and sophisticated.  There are rules to follow and rules to bend, deals to negotiate and empires to build.  Whether you practice law, business, politics, or academia, life is one big chess board and you love to play the game.


If you answered A

When you were little, you couldn’t wait to grow up.  Movies, magazines and pop culture of the time made the biggest impression.  Don’t be afraid to try out some of those statement pieces you imagined wearing as a child.  Add a nostalgic element with a flowy peasant blouse, bright neon colors, or large hoop earrings.  Embrace your eccentricities, just don’t overdo it.   Make sure your outfit can’t be mistaken for a Halloween costume and you’ll be fine.

 If you answered B

You are soooo not alone.  Vintage inspired originals have flooded the market for years now, and show no signs of stopping.  This is one trend you don’t have to think twice about trying.  It’s easily available, popular, and flattering.  So if you’ve thought about giving it a try but haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?  Go for it!  If you’re already enjoying this flash from the past look, be careful – it can’t last forever.  It’s fun to join the game, but don’t get lost in the crowd.  Add your own spin to every trend, be unique.

If you answered C

You are a romantic, however life might not be living up to your expectations.  It’s not that you actually want to live in the past, but you do love the idea of it.  Victorian fashions are usually thought of as soft, feminine and elegant, but wearing a ball gown to work is not very practical.  This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate that style into your everyday!  Try long skirts and dresses, draped blouses, floral jeans, brocade patterns and rich colors.  Make use of decorative costume jewelry, but remember only one piece at a time!  Keep it simple and choose pieces that make you feel feminine and luxurious.  You too can enjoy the here and now.


If you answered A

You thirst for more, a world that’s bigger, brighter and full of adventure.  So why not take a few chances with your wardrobe?  Try daring cuts, tight fits, loud colors, and bold patterns.  Florals with stripes or polka dots with checkers, you never know what works until you try it.  Look at fashion magazines or Pinterest boards for inspiration and direction, then play around and come up with your own ideas.  Find new ways to express yourself with your clothes and perhaps you’ll find new ways to approach your life!

If you answered B

You look for comfort, simplicity and sentimentality.  Silky fabrics, soft sweaters, cozy leggings, decorative ballet flats and vintage jewelry.  You’re just the type to borrow your boyfriend’s clothes.  No boyfriend, no problem.  Try pairing a men’s button down with skinny jeans or a tight tank with boyfriend jeans.  Add a little fun to your look with graphic tees that reference your favorite things – show who you are without saying a word.

If you answered C

The last thing you want to do is go out and buy a new wardrobe.  You don’t have the time, the money, or the inclination when you already have so much on your plate.  What you need is a few key pieces to renew your current wardrobe.  Like a new scarf set, a classic blazer, a pair of tailored jeans, a statement necklace, or an everyday purse with an artistic edge.  These pieces will perk up what you already have, and leave you with more time and resources for living.


If you answered A

You like to surround yourself with happy thoughts and easy going people. That means your clothes should make you feel good all day long.  Warm colors or soothing pastels, soft and silky fabrics, and minimal patterns with no logos should be your guidelines.  They should fit you well because anything too tight can make you feel restrained or self conscious, and anything too baggy can make you feel like you’re drowning in your clothes.  Too loud can bring on more attention than you want, but too plain can make you feel ignored.  The key is balance.

 If you answered B

Your have a lust for life.  This means your wardrobe requires a fun and exciting edge, mixed with comfort and practicality.  Trying out the latest trends and putting on a show with your wardrobe will help satisfy your desire to be part of the now.  On the other hand, high heels, too many accessories, and expensive fabrics can get in the way when you’re caught up in the chaos.  So keep having fun, but don’t forget that your clothes are meant to be lived in.  Especially when someone lives as much as you do!  Make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to fit your lifestyle and that nothing, whether it be your jewelry, purse or complicated hairstyle, gets in your way.

If you answered C

You think carefully about every move you make in life and your wardrobe should be no exception. Professional doesn’t have to mean boring or conservative, but don’t let what you’re wearing distract others from what you’re saying.  So if you want to be taken seriously, dress like an adult.  Slacks instead of jeans, blouses instead of t-shirts, and blazers instead of sweaters.  A meticulous manicure, makeup that enhances natural beauty, and color coordination suggest a controlled and organized mind.  Don’t forget to make use of layers, so you can add or subtract depending on the weather, occasion and mood.  Be prepared for every eventuality and you’ll always be comfortable in your own skin.

Knowing who you are and what you want out of life is half the battle. Your wardrobe can be your armor, your artistic self expression, and your confidence booster.  So make the most of it and happy shopping!