Your dream is out there, take it!


You have a job that pays the bills and it’s not terrible, but the thought of doing this for the rest of your life is terrifying. Sound familiar?  Well, that is no way to live!  Of course we all have to do things we don’t like sometimes, and we all have to pay our dues, but you should never settle for less than your dreams!

It can be difficult to figure out exactly what you want to do for a living.  Maybe you’re not sure what you’re good at.  Maybe you like so many things that it’s hard to choose.  Maybe you don’t know how to make money off your interests.  In today’s world you can make a living doing almost anything. You wouldn’t believe the types of jobs that exist or that people have created for themselves.  I would have made a world class personal shopper in another life.  I also could have been a fantastic party planner, fashion designer, advertising exec, photographer, or songwriter – possibly a novelist.

If you can find enough people willing to pay for your product or service, you can make a career out of it.  So ask yourself: “What do you like to do with your time?”

Love shopping?

If you think you have good fashion sense there are a range of jobs, from personal shopper to fashion blogger, to buyer for department stores or online boutiques.

Cooper Design Space ShowroomImage from Cooper Design Space

Enjoy the movies?

Consider writing reviews for websites, working for a distribution company, or screening movies for a local film festival.

vintage-movie-on-cinema-screenImage from Life’d

Have a knack for art?

If you’re the DIY type you can make how to videos like the fabulous Mr. Kate and her DIY bow ties or start a DIY website. From boutique shops to Etsy, there are plenty of places to sell your handmade, one-of-a-kind items.  A love of drawing can lead to a career as a graphic artist, and creative baking skills can start you on the road to catering or working in a 5-star restaurant.

Image from Mr. Kate

The point is to think about what comes naturally to you, what you get complimented on, and what makes you happy. If you aren’t showing off your winning smile you’re not doing what you love. Getting started might require taking a chance, but I bet if you ask yourself where you fit in you’ll already know the answer!   Personally, despite trying and doing well with countless activities through the years, I always knew.  No matter what project I was working on I’d always drop everything to help someone, and I always knew what they should do.  Bettering the lives of people I care about was my favorite activity, and I made it my life’s pursuit. When you love what you do, you’re going to work harder because it won’t feel like work.  After that, success will follow.  So be clever, be honest, and be bold!  Look at the big picture and listen to your heart.  Believe that your happiness is out there and don’t be afraid to take it.

Being true to who you are and making it work for you is the only way to live, and that is Emma Approved.