Wedding Planning: Keeping Up Appearances

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Planning a wedding, a honeymoon, and a future all at the same time can take its toll.  You are overworked, stressed, sleep deprived, and your beauty regime has fallen apart.  Now of all times,  when you are determined to look your absolute best!  How we look impacts how we feel.  When you appear polished and put together you are more likely to act that way.  If you feel out of control over the little things in your life, every other problem or worry might seem insurmountable.  Well relax! This is suppose to be fun, remember?  You’re no good to anyone, especially yourself, if you fall apart.  So here are a few tips on how to survive your crazy schedule and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

Hot showers

Try to start every morning with a steaming shower.  It’ll do more to wake you up than a cup of coffee, and the steam will do wonders for your eyes and skin.  Throw in a good revitalizing body scrub, and you’ll feel like a whole new person!

Give your skin a break

When you’re too busy to pamper, the simplest way to help your skin is to leave it alone.  Try not to wear any makeup at all, and if you must, try a very basic routine using mineral makeup.  A lot of popular makeup companies have a mineral line and for good reason.  They tend to be light and easier on your pores.  Also, avoid passing out before taking your makeup off.  Keep a pack of makeup removing wipes by the bed for emergencies.

Avoid caffeine

Sorry, but it has to be done.  Instead, drink plenty of water and take vitamins.  Keep the temperature cool in your home or car, and you’ll feel less drowsy.  Make sure to start each morning with breakfast for the energy boost, then follow up with several small meals throughout the day.  Snacks like nuts and dried fruit are perfect to have around and keep you alert.

Drive puffiness away

Sip on chamomile tea and apply an eye mask to instantly reduce the appearance of puffiness.  You can also find a variety of things around the house to help soothe your eyes: cucumber slices, cotton balls dipped in milk, chilled used tea bags, or even raw potato slices!  Whenever you have a minute, gently massage under your eyes to get circulation moving and reduce dark circles.  Also, try sleeping with extra pillows.  By keeping your head elevated you can reduce dark circles, puffiness and lines on your face…


As much and as often as you can.  If you keep forgetting, then try an intense moisturizing session once a week, before bed.  There are plenty of products, like body butter, that lock in moisture in an extreme way.  Applying once or twice a week is sufficient in maintaining an equitable amount of moisture in the skin.

Exercise.  Yes, really.

I know you’re busy, but even 20 minutes a day will help with most of your problems.  People often say, you should walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.  While that’s an option, there are also fitness videos online for quick, high impact workouts.  In just 20 minutes, you can do more for yourself than walking up a dozen flight of stairs.  Try a workout earlier in the day, before you shower, for the ultimate all-day energy and metabolism boost.


Enjoying that topknot, are we?  Like your face, if you can’t make time for the salon, your hair is best served by giving it a break.  Save cuts, blowouts, and dye jobs until right before the wedding.  In the meanwhile, you do need the most basic of routines to keep up appearances.  Some products like dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner help you when you don’t have time to wash your hair as often as you like.  To cut time in the shower, spray your hair with a detangler 30 minutes beforehand.   Too busy to color?  Try a fast, non-damaging option like Jonathan Product’s Awake Color.  Textured like a dry shampoo, it’s a tinted powder that blends into your hair and helps save time between dye jobs.


While you’re at it, give your nails a break as well.  Keep them short and clean, and apply a daily nail strengthener.  If you still want to decorate, there are plenty of quick dry polishes you can use, even on the run.  If you have no talent for applying polish, go all out with designer appliques like the Marchesa line by Revlon.  They’re easy to use, and the results are fabulous.


Running out of products, but have a to-do list longer than your arm?  You’d be surprised how many stores deliver, like Sephora or Nordstrom.  Or perhaps you know a bridesmaid who could pick up what you need.  You never know until you ask.

With a little bit of planning you can make the most of the little time you have, and when the big day comes you’ll look as beautiful as you always dreamed.

Always take time to take care of yourself, and that is Emma Approved.