Mermaid in Green Leather

ep3-main ep3-sub1 ep3-sub2Sweater: Bailey 44 | Jeans: Articles of society | Heels: Aldo | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff                   Necklace: Vintage  |  Bow Ring: Forever 21

My new assistant said this killer green leather top makes me look like a mermaid. Which is sweet, but I think it looks tough as a shark and slippery as an eel.   Just the right image to project at work! This is such a strong statement piece that the rest of your outfit must be as neutral as possible; like these straightforward white skinny jeans and nude heels, or this complimentary burgundy mini shoulder bag.  That or a statement piece all on it’s own; like this bold ornamental necklace.  Put it all together and you’ll be the siren of your office.  Who can say no to this outfit or the woman wearing it?