Making Memories


So you’re getting married? Congratulations! I know you’re excited to start planning, but  hold on a minute.  Before you pick out the venue, theme, colors, or even invitations, you need to announce your engagement.  Let the world know that the man you love asked to spend the rest of his life with you, and you said yes.  Announcing the engagement means engagement photos.  What location will you choose, how will you dress, will there be an activity involved?  When you look at a couple’s engagement photos you see everything you need to know about them, like how in love they are.  My good friends Annie and Ryan are the perfect example. Their photos show how perfect they are for each another – it’s perfectly obvious.



Are you going to take your photos at home or away?  If you are busy people who don’t have a lot of time, are actively involved in your community, or feel that where you live defines you, then home is the best option.  Choose a location that is special to your town (aka tourist spots) or special to the two of you (a favorite park, restaurant, bridge).  If you are the kind of couple who travels, then your choices are infinite.  Narrow it down by picking a spot you go to often, like the place you both love most or first met.  Annie and Ryan decided to return to the seaside, a favorite weekend getaway of theirs.  More importantly, it’s the place Ryan proposed.  Returning to the same setting recaptured the magic of that moment.  Now they have it preserved in pictures, forever, just like their love.



Do you want to dress up or go casual?  Some couples wear jeans and take photos sitting on the grass, a rock wall, or a park bench.  Others go black tie for a more sophisticated look. Those pictures are usually shot at night, standing outside with a city skyline, or in the lobby of a fancy hotel.  If you can’t decide look at Annie and Ryan.  Two sensible, sweet, positive people who complement each other no matter the occasion.  They found the perfect balance between sophisticated and simple. Casual can work.  No matter what you’re wearing or what the tone is, get just as many pictures looking at each other.  Let us see what you see, like the expression on Annie’s face as she gazes adoringly at Ryan.  Above all, be natural.  If you’re usually shy but he makes you laugh, if you like to lay your head on his shoulder, even if he likes to make funny faces; make sure we see it all.  How else will we know how great you are together?



Are you going for a stroll in the park, watching the sunset, climbing a mountain, or hanging out in a bookstore?  Sometimes engagement photos are themed with an activity for humor or to make a statement about your shared interests.  Remember these are pictures for you, so have fun! Annie and Ryan kept it low key, and while there was some sunset watching, their favorite activity was just being together.

No matter what kind of couple you are, make sure your engagement photos show how you feel. It invites the rest of us to be a part of your love story and celebrate with you.  I can’t think of a couple more inspiring than Annie and Ryan.   One look and you know they will make it, no matter what.  This couple’s engagement photos, are definitely Emma approved