Who is Emma Woodhouse?

EA-Oct7x1000Emma Woodhouse… beautiful, clever, and brilliant.

There are many intriguing female entrepreneurs in the love and lifestyle industry, but no one is more dynamic or has more potential than young Ms. Woodhouse.  So if you haven’t heard of her yet, don’t worry; you will.

Maybe this will be one of the many articles covering the highly anticipated, upcoming wedding between Ryan Weston (CEO of Cuddly Cupcakes) and Annie Taylor (personal chef and soon-to-be culinary sensation).  Maybe someone will ask how the couple met. Or who planned their six-figure wedding. Or who booked their romantic European honeymoon.  It won’t matter because the answers are all the same.

Emma Woodhouse.

Who gave a certain former teen celebrity the makeover that changed her image and saved her career?  Or helped an old, traditional charity foundation rebrand and update their fundraiser, which nearly doubled its donations from the year before?  Who can be seen front row at fashion week or out at the latest hot spots before anyone even knew they were hot?  A large part of success in the lifestyle industry is setting an example, taking your own advice, and being the epitome of the person your clients want to be.  On that front, Ms. Woodhouse is making great headway. Her latest efforts in that direction were recently announced, the launching of her own website “Emma Approved”. There she will cover topics from fashion trends and beauty tips to career advice and navigating the sometimes tremulous matters of the heart.  All with the wit, the flair, and the won’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude we’ve come to expect from her.

Emma Woodhouse isn’t the only member of the Highbury Lifestyle group, located in southern California, land of celebrities and startups.  Yet as of right now she is the most recognizable face and the most distinctive voice.  Another year, a few more successes like we’ve seen from her lately, and she might just become a household name herself.