Styles of Sanditon


Welcome to Sanditon!

Welcome indeed.  This new cute seaside town did more than let us into their homes and lives; it let us into their closets. Where professional meets casual, and the tailored elegance of Gigi Darcy’s metropolitan lifestyle meets the breezy, beachside attitude of small-town California (best epitomized by featured local, Clara Breton).

Sidney Parker and my friends over at Pemberley Digital asked me to write about what I thought of their fashion sense, and I was more than happy to oblige.  Ignoring the abundance of workout clothes and the extreme close-ups that showed little more than necklines, there were definitely enough moments that made me reach for my credit card.

So here are my favorite looks for every occasion. Just be warned, you’ll be longing for a vacation by the sea and staring at the calendar till next summer

Green Tea Milk Top


gtms2First things first, it may look like play, but running the Domino beta test is actually work.  This top, which can be dressed up with a skirt, dressed down in jeans, or given a healthy dose of attitude over a pair of leather leggings, simply shouts young, summer, and professional.  Dress to impress and you’ll look cool and together, even in a sweltering heat.


First Resort Dress


First Resport DressIt may seem simple, but as we all saw running an ice cream shop can be full of drama. So how to dress for the occasion?  I would say by finding just the right note between business-savvy boss and welcoming girl-next-door. Clara certainly pulls that off with this light, colorful, yet modest dress that looks just about as refreshing as her ice cream cones.



Pistachio My Gosh Top

Episode 25 093

pmg2Even in a small town there are more people than you can keep track of, and everyone wants to be noticed.  Don’t we all?  Colorblocking has been wildly popular for quite some time, and for good reason.  I ADORE this gorgeous, pale mint green color; very Emma Approved. The bold black lining takes this top from sweet to sophisticated.  Pair with shorts in a dark, complimentary color (maybe a burgundy) or a loud pattern (stripes or polka dots), and you can’t help but stand out in the crowd.

Lace Shore Top

Episode 14 ICE 4 104

lst2Lace is everywhere these days (you can’t avoid it), from runways to gift shops and cocktail dresses to sweatshirts.  Interested but not sure it’s for you? The best way to try a new trend is to buy a simple piece that can be incorporated into your current wardrobe, and make a splash without drowning out the rest of your clothes.


Fruit for Breakfast Dress

Episode 26 516

ffbd2 (1)Sometimes you just need a piece that sums up everything about you; who you’ve been and where you’re going next. This dress is what makes Gigi, Gigi – at least as we’ve all gotten to know her. In other words, young, sweet, classy, a little old-fashioned, polished and practical.  She’s practically a modern-day Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Is it any wonder why we all adore her?


Try a Little Trendy-ness Dress


c32-2In the end, “Welcome to Sanditon” was a summer vacation spent with new friends and getting to know a new place we may not visit again for some time. I believe the dress worn by Clara in her first video sums up that feeling perfectly.  Bright, lively, fun, light, and makes you a little sad to put it away when the summer is finally over.

Ah well.  Till next year.  Bring on whatever’s next!