Monthly Archives: September 2013

Roadmap to Romance

Image from la Romantiqu

Most people I meet are all looking for the same thing, someone to love and a partner to share their lives with. Grow together and thrive together.  But there are a million different ways to meet someone and only so many hours in a day.  Choice is paralyzing and that is where someone like me comes in.  So here’s a quick list to aid you in your quest for the right person.

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Personal Style Is Attitude


Personal style is more than fashion, it is attitude and everything.  It’s how you dress, style your hair, decorate your home, act on a date, choose a gift, treat a friend, drive your car, say yes to something, say no to something, do your job, get your job, quit your job, and make your choices. Everything, and I mean everything, can and should be done with a sense of style.

When I say style, I’m not just referring to the latest trends or the most popular designers. I mean your personal style, the style that is uniquely suited to you and everything you think, feel, want and do.  So in that spirit, I’ve made a list of three icons who have inspired me and my personal sense of style.

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Styles of Sanditon


Welcome to Sanditon!

Welcome indeed.  This new cute seaside town did more than let us into their homes and lives; it let us into their closets. Where professional meets casual, and the tailored elegance of Gigi Darcy’s metropolitan lifestyle meets the breezy, beachside attitude of small-town California (best epitomized by featured local, Clara Breton).

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