Style Advice: Help on How to Do an Updo


Sometimes I miss the days of old Hollywood glamour where a night out was really something special.  But in today’s more casual world we have slacks on the red carpet and the same cocktail dresses worn at a gala that we see at a nightclub.  So in the end how do we make a big evening out different from our just-going-out attire?  One of the most common ways is with a hairstyle.  An elaborate, sweeping, and sparkling updo can turn any night into an event and any girl into a movie star.

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If the Shoe Fits

IMG_7378 IMG_7410 Dress: ModCloth  |  Barrette – Similar here  |  Updo: Tutorial here 

If there was ever any doubt in Harriet’s mind about deserving her new position as event coordinator, this party was all the proof she needed that it’s a perfect fit.  The night was enchanting and magical, and all because of her seamless planning.   And part of that planning was her look for the night.  A floor length gown in bright, optimistic blue with a sheer overlay as delicate as her feelings, but with a complicated series of knots around the neckline because nobody is that simple. The best part was her gorgeous, pincurl updo decorated with a sparkling, bejeweled barrette made of pearls.  The night was full of drama, adventure, and even a daring rescue but nothing was more impressive than watching Harriet stand at the center of it all and know that the entire event was of her creation.  She has truly become her own woman.


The Royal Treatment

E-Ep47-Main Dress: ModCloth  |  Heels: BCBGeneration

This was definitely a night to remember but it also reminded me of something very important. No matter how people treat you, or what uncomfortable social position you are in, YOU are in charge of your own life. Queen of your castle and heroine of your own quest. So what better color for taking charge with regal grace then a deep purple evening gown, the color of royalty. No one can make you feel ignored with this spectacular yet subtle lace and sequin bodice. And you can never feel trapped, whether you are running around working or tearing up the dance floor, because beneath the gauzy, see thru, floor length skirt your slip actually stops at the knee. Paired with stately and elegant black pumps with a touch of metallic gold on the front, it’s the ideal gown for standing tall and taking charge.

Plus One, Minus One – Ep: 47

Episode 47 with Alex Knightley, Harriet Smith, and Senator James Elton.

See my looks from this video, here.

Party Planning: How to Plan a Macrobiotic Meal


Hi everyone!

I’m Harriet, and as part of my new position as Event Coordinator Emma suggested I write today’s party planning blog.  I’ve never written a blog before, but I’ve helped with Emma’s and I  wrote a lot of essays in college. Emma told me just to make sure it’s in a conversational style, like I’m talking to a friend, so I just wanted to say hi and let you all know how excited I am to have so many new friends to talk to.

Right now we’re planning an engagement party and the couple requested a Macrobiotic menu.  I honestly wasn’t sure exactly what that entails so I had to do a lot of research on the subject.   It’s based on a concept of balance, and both more and less complicated than I originally understood. Then I thought, if I wasn’t sure what it was, I bet a lot of other people weren’t either.  Which is a shame because it’s pretty fascinating once you get started.  So here’s the basics on how to arrange a macrobiotic meal.

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Sweet as Honey

IMG_7285 IMG_7292 Dress: Lulu’s  |  Purse: Valentino - Similar here  | Heels: Similar here

Springtime, flowers blooming, and bumble bees.  It’s all connected.  Caroline was really feeling the season in this vibrant dress with a bright yellow, sleeveless, collared top and black and white striped full skirt.  Seriously, it’s like staring into the sun, perfect for getting attention.  She paired it with black, velvet peep toe pumps (the traditional shoe of the femme fatale) and an eye catching, studded, zipper black clutch.  Only to be worn by those with confidence this outfit should come with a warning label.  Enjoy the warmth and flowers of the season but be careful you don’t get stung.

Pluck up the Courage

IMG_7277 IMG_7274             Top: BLVD  |  Skirt: McGinn – Similar here  |  Bag: Orla Kiely – Similar here                    Shoes: Modcloth

Favor fortunes the brave, and we have to use a little bit of courage every day, whether it’s standing up for our ideas at work or wearing a daringly short skirt.  Harriet looks plucky, spunky, and full of pep in this adorable and colorful springtime assemble.  First, a seasonal staple with this abstract, artsy, almost-floral skirt.  A spectacular spectrum in shades of blue with splashes of coral, it’s perfectly coordinated with this retro, sleeveless, coral blouse.  This top certainly stands out from the ordinary, just like Harriet, with it’s bright white collar and prominently displayed front pocket.  Add to that pale pink moccasins decorated in tiny cutouts and a matching pink leather bag whose cutouts create a floral motif.  In this outfit Harriet really shows off how much she’s grown, learned, and all the thought she puts into planning.  All the while staying true to Harriet, perfect just the way she is.

The Finishing Touches

IMG_7273 IMG_7265 Dress: DEX – Similar here  |  Bag: ModCloth  |  Boots: Report, Lulu’s 

In the final stretch of any project, when the major decisions have been made and the end is in sight, it’s the last little details that matter.  The same goes for picking an outfit.  You wake up in the morning, check the weather, see what’s on your calendar, and ask yourself how you’re feeling.  Then you use all that information and decide on an outfit that captures your mood.  Today I chose a light, loose, sheer sundress to accompany the beautiful weather and try to boost my positivity.  The dark tone and subtle floral print makes me feel feminine and somehow french.  Very Paris in spring.  French women are reputed for their sophistication and dignity, and I might need both to get through my day.  But now comes the finishing touches otherwise known as the accessories.  A colorblock, briefcase inspired bag to remind me that I am a professional and can put all my personal feeling aside.  Last, tan leather, peep toe ankle boots covered in an endless array of slashing cutouts.  Instead of classic pumps or strappy sandals, my shoes tend to be a little show of rebellion when wearing an otherwise simple or traditional outfit.  A girl has to let her frustration out somehow.


Cruel Intentions – Ep: 46

Episode 46 with Alex Knightley, Harriet Smith, and Caroline Lee.

See my looks from this video, here.

Life Advice: When the Cost of Success is Too High

Businesswoman on bridge

As you all know, I’m a big believer in going after what you want. You deserve to be the best you can be, and you should do whatever you can to make that possible. However, sometimes when pursuing your goals, one can go too far and cause damage to others in the process. Or damage to yourself. How do you know when you have crossed a line? How far is too far?

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